Never Thought I Would Say This…

but thank God for elliptical machines.

I’ve been working on the RWiR manuscript, but in a larger capacity, working on myself. My April schedule has meant my usual routine (writing at 4 AM) doesn’t always work. It’s an unfamiliar thing to reinvent myself in such a trivial way, but some days I have to write at 2 PM…and it’s dang weird…

My brain’s not used to this, my whole being is completely weirded out. Not to mention, I’ve tossed down a challenge to myself to step out of my comfort zone and do new & interesting things (which sometimes means eating my veggies last, but hey, baby steps and gradual inclines, right?) and that has me feeling out of sorts.

I’m not a huge fan of working out but in the past little while, I’ve been going using the elliptical and today, I found myself waking up and looking forward to the workout–the low burn, pounding music, watching the Justice League–wow.


Looking forward to working out.

How weird can it get?

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