Like I Need an Excuse

I have a great underwear collection–being the shy sort, however, I don’t really show it off to just anyone–let alone strangers. But when I heard about Panties for Peace, I thought, heck, how could I not participate?

Here’s a little about them:

The Panties for Peace campaign was launched by a group of women peace activists from a Burmese peace activist group called – Lanna Action for Burma which is based in Thailand. Since we initiated the panties for peace campaign for Burma, women’s panties (as well as male underwear) have been mailed out by activists to Burma’s foreign missions in Australia, Singapore, and European countries.

Our act of delivering our underwear to the Burmese foreign missions across the globe is of immense importance and symbolic in protest of Myanmar junta’s violent crackdown of monks-led rallies in Yangon last month, and to oust the generals ruling the country from power.
Lanna Action for Burma organized the action dubbed “Panties for Peace” and we have been sending and delivering the panties this week and will be doing so over the next few days, weeks and months. One of the main reasons for which we are encouraging people to send out their panties to Burma’s foreign missions is because the generals ruling Myanmar are superstitious and they believe that touching panties or the traditional women’s outfit sarong will eliminate their powers.

Visit their website, if you’re so inclined to send your undies…or maybe, send a note to the Burma officials that says something like, “Dear Sir. If I, as a female, am so inferior and inadequate to males, why do my panties hold such power and how is it that I, a lowly being, can sap your strength. Please rethink the logic of this propoganda, as it makes no freankin’ sense whatsoever.”

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