Awesome Review for What Happens in Vegas

I just finished What Happens in Vegas by Natasha Deen and laughed so much, I could live an extra fifty years if laughter truly IS the best medicine. Poor Binda is clumsy and awkward at the most inopportune times, yet manages to come out smelling like only slightly wilted roses. I don’t know how Corin will survive her, but he’s my kind of hero just for the effort. I can’t say enough about this comical story set in, you guessed it, Las Vegas. It is funny, warm-hearted, sensual and all around exciting as a suspense. Gangstering will never be seen the same I have a feeling. lol Written in first person, this one didn’t pull me in- it jerked me off my feet head first! I forgot it was even first person, or that first person verbiage distracts me. The characters aren’t well rounded the way you’d expect them to be- well defined- yet that doesn’t matter for some reason. They are defined in the moment of the story, so background is moot. Oddly. I know all I need to about this couple and even the secondary characters, without all their life stories spelled out to fill the possible blanks. The way this is written, there really are no blanks. The one time I thought I’d found a plot hole, Ms. Deen filled it in before I could worry about it. Well done and great humor story! Congrats on your IDA win!

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WHIV is a Fresh Pick

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Fresh Fiction picked What Happens in Vegas as their Fresh Pick:

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It’s not that Binda Morningstar’s an idiot—the girl’s got more degrees than a thermometer—but there’s something about a crisis that makes her lose her mind…and accidentally injure anyone within a ten-foot radius. But if she’s going to rescue her boss from a cursed jewel, she’s going to have to keep it together.

Unfortunately for her, the cop on the case, Corin Hawthorne, has her losing her mind and her heart…and if he gets any more drool-worthy, she’s going to lose her inhibitions, too.

To save her boss and win her man, she’s got to out run a mobster, out wit the YIFFS at a sex-fetish convention, and out think an ex-wife—and she’s got to do it all without breaking an arm or inadvertently hitting anyone with pepper spray…it’s all got Binda hoping that what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.

LASR Loves Feuding Hearts!

Not only did they give FH a Five-Star Review, but it’s up for book of the month for May!

Feuding Hearts is a fun, frolicsome way to spend an hour or two…Ms. Deen even manages to add social conscience, ethical vs unethical business practices and the green movement into the mix. With the added plus of well-defined characters, great descriptions, and flawless writing, this short will have you logging on to see what else Ms. Deen has written…If it’s a romantic comedy that you’ve been craving, Feuding Hearts is an easy recommend.”


Nights & Weekends Loves Feuding Hearts

It’s been a long time since I’ve been in the presence of a drool-worthy male, but author Natasha Deen’s Feuding Hearts brings me the experience without ever having to leave the comfort of my couch. Zesty, funny, and sweet, Feuding Hearts makes reading romance a special treat once again. The next time you’re looking for pure romance, pick up a copy of this sweet romantic comedy. It’s sure to feed your need for something light and just plain fun to get your mind off the workday for a few precious minutes. Full Review