My Diplomatic Credentials, Please

The BoysWowsa, trying to negotiate a peace with the dogs now that we’ve implemented the “no puppies on the bed” policy has me feeling a sudden kinship for Jimmy Carter. The dogs woke me up at 11:30–“Can we come up, now?”
“No, go to bed.”
1:30 AM: “How about now?”
“No, go to bed.”
3:30 AM: “Now?”
“Seriously, no.”
5:00 AM: “Look, Mom, if we don’t get to sleep on the bed, neither do you.”
And so, I’m awake, awake, despite my attempt to sleep in because of the road trip later today…
To recap the score: Puppies – 45,2874 Mom – 3

Monday, Monday

001Oh, man, am I ever pushing through the grind with the writing. It’s not that I don’t know what to write…it’s the lack of knowing **how** to write it, coupled with the intense desire to go back to bed and sleep until the grass is green…not helping my lack of motivation is Sir Gusalot, who has just traipsed into the office, tail high, and looking for some serious cuddling…


The great and furry Gussy decided to take a swan dive off the bed last night. I caught him in mid-launch, rolled him over, and as I did our eyes met…he looked surprised, shocked that I could actually catch him, and dare I say it? There was some respect in those green pupils.

That’s right kitten. This pet mom’s good for more than just cuddles and food.

In other news the RWiR project ticks along.  In a month or so, I’ll have to start hitting the Edmonton history books, but in the meantime, my murderer’s happily slashing bodies, the police are baffled, and my reporter is heroically trying not to lose her mind.

Go writing!

Current count: 39,512/50,000

39512 / 50000

The War at Home

Day 3 of the “Milo Will Eat His Food Standoff” and the score is:

Mom ~ 1 (because I got him to eat without any shenanigans)

Milo ~ 1.5 (because when I was out last night, he took off with one of my slippers and–most likely–it is now buried under the snow…the jury’s still out on if this was an act of rebellion or just Milo being Milo…however, all agree he’s in my head, and that gives him the .5 bump)…clever little critter…