Is This Snarky?

At the deodorant aisle in the drug store & noticing that men have all kinds of “strong” scents: mountain breeze, alpine fresh.

Women, on the other hand are getting things like “powder fresh.”

Why do men get to smell like avalanches and ocean waves while women are getting the scent parents use on their infants when changing poopy diapers?

Oh Boi

You know you’re in for “one of those:”movies when the main character says, “I saw it with my own eyes.”

I had to restrain myself from yelling at the screen, “Well, thank God. Because it would have been totally different had you seen it with your other eyes—you know, the ones you borrowed from Grandma.”

Ack. Saw it with my own eyes? Wow. Redundancy much?

Sigh, of course, we all know my irritation is because I’m in the middle of my first draft, which are rife—STOCK FULL—of redundancies, fallacies, plot holes, & cardboard characters.

The Work is NEVER Done

Thought the website was all up & golden, then found out if you google and try to click on the link, you get an error message. More research, more confusing DNS jargon, only to read “SOMETIMES GOOGLE GETS STUCK and you have to reset the information.”

Stuck. Stuck?!

Holy crap. Thank God we’re living in the most technologically advanced time. *eye roll*

It should all be fixed, now. If not, someone let me know.


Been trying to take time off and catch up on reading, and came across a book that had a synopsis that had a man returning to purchase the estate he grew up on (as the caretaker’s son). He ends up starting a relationship with the realtor (who also happens to be the daughter of the estate owner), but then it goes on to talk about how his quest for revenge/payback becomes something more as he becomes obsessed with the girl.

And people, this is a ROMANCE.

I hear you. I hear you.

The idea of a man starting a relationship to punish someone then becoming obsessed with her is more horror and fiction noir than happy ever after.

I’m so sad and irritated that in 2012, we are still writing stories where a possessive, borderline abusive man is still considered “romantic” and “heroic.”

Things that drive me crazy about tele-seminars

  • Long-winded introductions about why the person is qualified to give the lecture (like 1/2 an hour’s worth).
  • Vague speeches about how far they’ve come (“I went from making $18 dollars last year to making six figures and all from opening myself to the power of opportunity!”).
  • Buzzwords (“Empower yourself!” “Uplift others!” “Spread love!”)
  • Lack of concrete examples showcasing their success.
  • Dumb questions from the tele-audience.
  • The weird, breathy, kind of “I’m on Prozac” tone of voice.