Remus 1, Mom 0

IMG_2051Why oh why do pet food companies reinvent their food?  The brand of kibble we’d had the boys on since forever re-jigged their formula to include a lot of corn…not such a great choice for filler, so in an effort to be a good cat mom, I bought a new (better, I thought) brand.

Gus loved it.

Remus would have none of it.

I tried everything from trying to give him it as a treat, to chucking the pieces down the hallway (cat parents know, don’t they, how much their kitties like to play food hockey), to mixing it in with their old brand….and nothing.

Plus, he got quieter, less playful. Who could blame him? I’d be out of sorts too if someone changed my favorite food (you should see the sad face when my husband buys the wrong kind of chocolate).

So, I phoned the store, asked if I could exchange the food (which they were totally fine with)…brought home a different kind–but here’s the kicker–it’s the brand of food the dogs eat & Remus llooovveeess to eat their kibble.

Did he delve into this new, better choice?


Sad face.

In the end, though it’s not nutritionally as sound as it once was (though mitigated because the soft food & their dental food is fine), he’s back to his old brand. The little man is happy and bouncing around the house, again.

To recap on the score, in the overall life of this fur face, it’s something like:

Remus – 10, 234, 875 Mom – 3

Things My Allergies Taught Me

  1. Writing while hopped up on meds may seem like a good idea, but reading the pages the next day may cause my eyes to bleed.
  2. Sometimes “do not operate heavy machinery” will be defined as my toothbrush.
  3. The walls are closer and harder than they appear.
  4. Just because the meds compensate for the pollen allergy does not give me the right to stuff myself silly with stuff I usually can’t eat.
  5. The moving cursor on the computer screen really isn’t that interesting—it’s just a side effect of the meds.

Friday Freebie: Nice but…

I love Toby Keith’s I wanna talk about me song but I have two huge problems with the video: 1) the inclusion of the pimp/hookers (uh, video dudes, maybe check the stats on violence against women & vulnerable sectors before you use that demographic) and (2) The ONLY colored girl in the video is a hooker.  What’s up with that? Take a look and decide for yourself.

Friday Freebie

A sure sign I need time off:

  1. Get to my location. It’s pouring rain—pat self on back for remembering to bring umbrella.
  2. Realize (when I try to open it) umbrella is broken.
  3. Try to unstick button.
  4. Fail.
  5. Try again.
  6. Realize I probably shouldn’t point umbrella in such a way that it will break my nose when it opens.
  7. Reposition umbrella.
  8. Try to fix it.
  9. Finally (minutes later) fix it.
  10. Emerge from car, victorious and ready to walk in the rain.
  11. Realize door is two feet away and is covered by overhang.
  12. Realize I’m parked directly in front of door, and am less than 12 inches from covered overhang.
  13. Sigh, stick umbrella back in car, and realize how frightening it is that they allow me to vote.