A win for moms?

My mom, when she was just teeny.

My mom, when she was just teeny.

Managed to get permanent ink on my jeans and took it to the dry cleaner, who said, “We can’t help you. There’s a reason it’s called permanent. I’d suggest going to a craft store and getting something to put on the stains to make it decorative.”

I thanked her for her honesty, headed home, then decided to check some Mommy blogs.

Sure enough, they had a solution: dampen a cotton ball with nail-polish remover, then blot the stain. In my case, I ended up just pouring some solution on the stain, then blotting. Jeans are in the wash & I’m waiting to see who was right: the dry cleaner or the mommies.

My money’s on the mommies.

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